Andrea Doiron, Foster

doironGrowing up, we not only had our resident dogs and cats, but my brothers and I would find strays wandering around our neighborhood and bring them home to care for them.  As a teenager, we moved to Maine and added horses and rabbits into the mix.  So animals have always been central to our lives.

As a family, we had been discussing fostering for quite a while.  My son, daughter, and I also volunteer in the cat room, but it wasn’t until after we adopted our second RER pup that we all finally agreed to try fostering.  Our biggest concern was getting too attached to the pups to give them up.  It is sad to say goodbye but it is worth it knowing that the dog you fostered would not be alive today had someone not stepped up.

We are the “Nottie” foster home since all 4 dogs are quite small by RER standards!  We also have 4 cats — 2 of them, brothers, are RER cats from the Benson’s cat room.  Training dogs and talking to our cats is our forte.