Sue Higgins, Cat Care Coordinator

sueI have always had a love for all animals and I have always had a soft spot for animals in need, so I decided to help homeless animals by volunteering at adoption clinics.  I quickly discovered that animal rescue is my passion and it fulfills me like nothing else.  The more I did, the more I came to know of how many desperate animals there are in this country that truly need help.  I began working adoption clinics, fostering, trapping and altering feral cats, and running an entire adoption clinic.  I chose cat rescue because cats seem to truly be misunderstood and “disposable” animals to so many.  So many of the ideas are based on misconceptions and I feel compelled to change that and help as many cats as I can.

I had volunteered with a couple of other rescues when I had the good fortune to meet Tina.  Tina let me know that RER was interested in starting a cat program.  I had heard of Tina and RER and both have such a stellar reputation that I could not wait to join the group.  The RER family is so supportive of a cat program as part of their rescue family.  I feel so lucky to have found my way to this group.  Starting a cat program from the ground up will be a challenging task, as all rescues struggle to balance need with resource limitations.  I hope I am able to build a cat program that mirrors the prestigious dog program already in place at RER.