Meagan Sobel, Website Administrator

Bentley in his chair

Meet Bentley.

This little guy is how I started working with Rottie Empire Rescue. Tina sent me this photo with a pretty straightforward question—can you help us build a website so we can help underdogs like Bentley?

That was back in 2010, and I’ve had the great honor of working with Rottie Empire Rescue ever since. The answer to Tina’s question was ultimately a “yes” (I am an absolute sucker for literal puppy-dog eyes), but decidedly more difficult than I initially imagined. Since 2010, I have moved between five cities across three states and two countries. When you move that frequently, it’s rather difficult to volunteer with any cause or organization consistently, especially animal rescue work!

Like most people, I grew up loving animals as a child, and  working with RER has been an amazing opportunity to actually make a difference. I’ve learned a LOT about dedication, compassion, animal care, and even technology from the lovely people I’ve met through my work with RER. This is the website where I learned and honed my skills in search engine optimization, WordPress and client-oriented web design—all of which I have utilized in one form or another in my professional career since learning it here. The work done by Rottie Empire Rescue is some of the work that I’m most proud to be a part of, and I hope to continue my work with RER for a long time to come.