Our main goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many pets as we can. To ensure our beloved fosters go to loving furever homes, we require interested parties submit an application and provide personal references as well as pass both a veterinary check and home visit. 

During this process, your main contact point will be the pet’s foster, but additional volunteers may pitch in for home visits depending on your location. Once all areas are complete, dog adopters are required to complete a basic obedience class. All adopted pets must be kept current on vaccinations and annual exams and dogs must receive monthly prevention.

When we review an application, we’re looking for a commited home. That means renters must provide landlord information to verify their ability to have pets in their rental and home owners needs to contact their insurance companies to ensure there are no breed restrictions, if applicable. Personal references will tell us how wonderful you are, which helps us make our decision and home visits give us a glimpse into your family life. We just want to ensure the environment where our pet’s will live out their days is safe and welcoming. This also gives us a chance to meet your family and have a volunteer answer any questions you may have, and vise versa. 

We know this is a lot. We know for many it is easier to pick out a puppy and buy it from a store or breeder, but where do our adoptable pets come from? We have puppies, young adults, cats, kittens and seniors, all with different backgrounds and stories, much like you and all of us. We just want to make sure we find the perfect fit for pets that have temporarily taken up residence in our homes and forever remain in our hearts. We want you to love them like we love them!

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*If you download and complete our forms offline, please submit them to rottieempirerescue@gmail.com